Why Is My Dog Throwing Up?

If you have a pet dog, then you should give a lot of care for the dog. There are many dogs that can get sick quite often in spite of the best of care that you are able to provide for the canine friends. One of the most common problems that can be seen in dogs is that they keep throwing up. If your dog has this problem then you must have thought many times as to why is my dog throwing up. There are many reasons for the dog to throw up and they are all listed in this article.

When your dog as gastritis, then it can cause the dog to throw up because when the dog suffers from gastritis, the dog is not able to digest the food properly and this leads to the dog throwing up what it eats. Gastritis usually means that the dog has an inflammation in the lining of the stomach and this can occur due to some diseases.

Different kinds of food: If your dog is used to a specific kind of diet for a long time, then a sudden change in the diet and an unfamiliar diet that is consumed can lead to the dog to throw up the food that was consumed. This is especially true if your dog is a small one, but if the dog is a bigger one, and is used to different kinds of food, this may not be a major problem.

Eating the food very quickly can also be another reason for the dogs to throw up the food. Almost all the dogs eat the food that is given to them very quickly. You may not really see them chewing the food. If they eat the food very fast, then it leads to the dog throwing up the food.

Bile production: There are some dogs that have a lot of stomach juices secreted. Other than the stomach juices, there can also be a lot of bile overproduction and these can be the reasons for the dog to throw up. Stomach juices are secreted if the dog is not given food at regular timings. To make sure that your dog does not throw up due to this problem, the dog should be given regular meals that are less in quantity.
All these causes mentioned above are the most common reasons for the dog to throw up. Simple measures that are taken will prevent the dog from throwing up.

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