Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Foam

Dog is said to be man’s best friend. Dogs are animals that show a high sense of intelligence, and hence are loved by many and kept as pets. In fact, dog are loved so much that their owners will do everything in their power to ensure that their dogs are well and comfortable. However, things do not go well at times as the dog may exhibit an undesirable behavior, like vomiting foam. Why is my dog throwing up foam? This is the first question a dog owner may want to ask when he takes his vomiting dog to the vet.

Animal health experts have offered many explanations with regards to why dogs vomit foam. The commonest reason for dogs vomiting foam is due to indigestion. Dogs eat a lot at one go. They eat so hurriedly that the food is chewed very little before swallowing. Moreover, dogs eat meat and flesh, which requires more effort and time to digest than vegetable and plant food. When the food takes more than the necessary time to digest, excess acid is poured into the stomach, resulting in acid influx. The acid reacts with some of the food components, producing gas which combines with liquid in the dog’s stomach to form the foam. Add more vegetables to your dog’s food to prevent this.

Another cause of a dog throwing up foam could be due to food poisoning. When you feed your dogs with food that has been left in the open for a long time or food that has gone bad, they stand a high chance of getting spoilt and eating this can cause food poisoning. The commonest cause of food poisoning in dogs is the consumption of canned food that has not been well preserved. To prevent food poisoning, canned food for dogs once opened should be emptied into a plastic container before it is placed into the refrigerator. Dogs’ food should also be taken away once the dog has stopped eating, and fresh one served the next time.

Fungal infections could also cause a dog to throw up foam. When a dog sleeps in dirty places or eats from containers that are left unwashed for many days, it stands a great chance of catching these fungal infections. Dogs also throw up foam as a natural means of getting rid of excess bile from their system. Bile in dogs can build up and reach excess levels and so the animals must get rid of it, which they do by throwing up.

It is however important to send your dog to see the vet when it throw up foam because you might not know which of the above reasons is causing the dos to throw up. For all you know, it could even be due to a more serious medical condition.

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