Why Is My Dog Shaking Uncontrollably?

Dogs are animals that can get very sick often. The reason is that they are not as clean as cats are. There are times when dogs consume some kind of food and become sick. There are other times when the dogs can become ill and their illness can be displayed by uncontrollable shaking. Why is my dog shaking uncontrollably is a thought that you would have had if your dog was in this state at times.

There are certain situations when the dogs can get ill and start shaking uncontrollably. The uncontrollable shaking can not only be seen as a shaking, but it can also be shivering and even tremors. Some of the common causes of uncontrollable shaking in dogs are listed here.

The most common reasons for the shaking are encephalitis and other cerebral abnormalities. There are certain centers in the brain that control the movement of the dogs. When these centers are affected, it can lead to shaking of the dog. There are other times when the dog has had a trauma and the trauma can also have caused damage to the brain of the dog and when there is brain damage the tremors can occur.

There are times when the dog has certain neurological diseases and this nerve damage can cause the dog to have uncontrollable shaking. Some of the dogs start shaking when they have weakness of the body and the muscles are not able to hold the weight of the dog. This causes shaking. There are some dogs that have pain because of various reasons and this pain can cause the dog to start shaking uncontrollably.

Low blood sugar can also be the cause of uncontrollable shaking. Just like hypoglycemia can lead to shaking and weakness in the humans, the dogs too suffer from decreased sugar levels. When the dogs have decreased sugar levels, the muscles of the dogs are not able to function to the optimal level. When this happens, the dogs shake uncontrollably.

Some of the other causes of uncontrollable shaking in the dogs include renal failure and diseases that affect the balance of the dogs. Spinal diseases can also cause muscle weakness in the dogs and this too can cause uncontrollable shaking in the dogs. There are also a lot of unknown causes that have been seen to cause incontrollable shaking in the dogs. Genetic causes can also lead to uncontrollable shaking seen in the dogs.

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