Why Is My Dog Coughing Up White Foam

Dogs are loved by many who will stop at nothing to ensure that their dogs are comfortable and healthy. Dogs are very intelligent and friendly and so are kept by many of us as pets. They are great pets if well kept and trained. A dog may cause alarm to the owner once in a while by throwing up white foam. Why is my dog coughing up white foam? This is the first question the alarmed dog owner will ask the vet. The reasons for a dog coughing up foam are many and vary from dog to dog.

The commonest cause of coughing up of white foam in dogs is due to a stomach upset. Dogs can have stomach upsets due to many things, among which the commonest are indigestion and excessive acid in the stomach. These irritate the stomach and cause the dog to vomit. In cases where there is nothing in the stomach to throw up, the lining of the walls of the stomach, combined with the liquids and gases in the stomach of the dog are coughed out as white foam. Bloated stomachs can also cause a dog to vomit white foam. This may be caused by excess acid pumped into the stomach of the dog.

Food allergies may also cause a dog to throw up white foam. Dogs, just as humans may be allergic to certain substances that are in the food given to them. When such allergies occur, some dogs respond by coughing up white foam. A dog’s stomach may also react to certain kind of foods by causing it to cough up foam.

Most dogs suffer from a condition called bilious vomiting syndrome. This occurs when excess bile builds up in the dog, usually after a good night’s sleep. This condition causes a nauseated feeling in the dog and hence coughing of white foam can occur. This might be the cause of the white foam in your dog if there is no other symptom present.

Infections from bacteria and fungi could also cause your dog to throw up white foam. The dog may catch these infections when it eats contaminated food and sleeps in dirty environments. Dogs’ food and beddings must be kept clean to prevent this. They must be cleaned at least once every day. Food for dogs should also be covered until the dog is ready to eat and this will prevent flies from contaminating it.

Take your dog to the vet when it is throwing up white foam because you might not be able to diagnose the right cause of the vomiting.

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