Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Foam

Cats, like all other animals react to their environment. They may put up some abnormal behaviors in response to the reactions in their body or how the external environment is. One of these reactions is throwing up of white foam. Many pet owners ask the question why is my cat throwing up foam. There is no clear-cut answer to this question, as the reason for one cat throwing up white foam may be different from that of another cat.

The most common cause of cats throwing up white foam is food poisoning. Cats, just as humans can get poisoned by bad food or on consuming poisonous substances. Food kept in an unclean container or left out may cause flies to settle on it and cause food poisoning in cats. Food that is not well preserved, for instance keeping canned cat food in the refrigerator with the can will also cause food poisoning in these animals. It is therefore very important for the owners of these animals to keep their food safe. Their food must be warmed or heated and left to cool before giving it to them. Also, left over canned food should be emptied into a plastic container before putting into the refrigerator.

Cats throwing up foam could also be due to other kinds of infections. Worms, bacterial and fungal infections in the digestive system may also cause the cat to throw up foam. The cat should be accommodated in a clean and safe living environment for it to have a healthy life. If the cat is exposed to various other materials, then again it can throw up foam.

Liver and kidney malfunctions in cats are also known to cause them to throw up foam. The liver and the kidneys are two important organs that are responsible for removing waste material from the body of cats. If these organs are faulty, then the process of waste removal is not completely possible. Cats with such problems may throw up because of irritation of their stomach walls by the toxic waste still in their bodies.

Cats may suffer indigestion when not fed enough fiber. The indigestion may cause an acid influx in the stomach of the cat. The acid reacts with the food to produce gases. These can cause the formation of froth or foamy substances in the stomach that is vomited out. The foamy vomit may be a combination of the gas and liquids.

The best way to stop your cat from throwing up foam is to take it to a vet. They will know the exact cause and treat the cat accordingly.

Courtesy of Cat Health site.

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