Why Is My Cat Sneezing So Much

Why is my cat sneezing so much? Veterinary experts say they hear this question many times a day from cat owners. Sneezing is normal in any animal with a normal respiratory system, but too often it indicates a problem. Cats can have severe bouts of sneezing all of a sudden. They may sneeze even as frequently as at least once every two minutes. Animal health experts have offered many explanations to this problem, ranging from the usual abnormalities to very chronic and rare medical conditions.

It has been observed that, most cats sneeze during some seasons of the year, making a few animal experts draw the conclusion that sneezing in these cats may be caused by substances in the air like pollen that are present in that particular season. Cats, just like human beings are allergic to certain substances and therefore react when they inhale or come in contact with them.

Another important cause of sneezing in cats is infection in the cat from diseases like feline herpes. This is an air-borne disease caused by a virus. This disease is not curable and so may cause frequent flare ups in cats. A cat may sneeze as a result of these flare-ups. Sneezing resulting from feline herpes may last for as long as three weeks in cats. Cats normally get over the infection naturally, as there is no known cure for now. It can however develop into other complications if the cats are not treated.

There is another cause of sneezing in cats and that is the infection from the feline leukemia virus. This virus is transmitted from cat to cat by physical contact or contact with body fluids of an infected cat. This disease irritates the cat’s respiratory system and causes the sneezing. Though difficult to cure, cats can be vaccinated against feline leukemia infections. The cats that are kept in animal shelters where there are other affected cats can contract this disease commonly.

Though it may be hard to believe, dental problems in cats are also known to cause sneezing. Infections in the upper jaws of cats can cause the infection to spread into the nasal passage, causing your cat to sneeze often. This cause unfortunately stays undetected as most cat owners do not think cats can have dental problems or that dental problems can cause sneezing. Cats’ teeth must be well taken care of to avert this form of infection.

Sneezing in cats can go on and worsen to a point where the cat bleeds from the mouth while sneezing. At such a point, it is best to see an animal health expert, rather than trying to use over the counter drugs.

Courtesy of Cat Health site.

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