Why Has My Dog Lost His Appetite

Dogs like eating different kinds of food and may usually eat bones and even food that are processed and made specifically for pets. There are some dogs that have to be fed carefully and according to the instructions by the vet. This is true especially for the dogs that are either sickly or those that are very fragile and weak. In spite of you carefully looking after them, they might have decreased appetite and you may have the question why has my dog lost his appetite.

There are various reasons for the dog to lose its appetite. Some of the common reasons are listed here.

1. The smell of the food: If you are in the habit of making different kinds of food for the dog, then there are times when the smell of the food also changes according to the ingredients in the food. This can cause the dog to stop eating. The dog may think that the food is not good. In fact most of the dogs smell the food before they eat and decide if the food is good to eat based on the smell of the food.

2. The type of the dog: The dogs can be either voracious eaters or poor eaters. You will not be able to force feed a dog. There are some that are poor eaters by birth, probably because of the genetics that play a role in the eating habits of the dogs.

3. Exercise: Exercise plays an important role in the food that the dog eats. If your dog is exercised well, then the dog may have a good appetite. The reason is that when the dog is exercised well, then the digestion is good and all the food that is consumed by the dog will be quickly used up as energy. On the other hand, the dog that does not do much exercise will have a poor appetite.

4. There are also times when the weather in the area where the dog is living can be a reason for the lack of appetite in the dogs. If the climate is very hot, then the dogs may be very thirsty and drink more water than the amount of food that they consume.

These are some of the most common reasons due to which your dog could have lost the appetite. There are also some diseases that can make your dog to lose its appetite. If your dog is consistently refusing food, then it is better to take the advice of a veterinarian.