Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing?

Sneezing is common in dogs and if you have had a dog and had seen in sneezing then you might have wondered why does my dog keep sneezing. There are many reasons for the dog to sneeze and from which two of the reasons are the commonest.

The most common reason for the sneezing that is seen in dogs is that the membranes that line the nose of the dog can be inflamed. There are various causes for this kind of inflammation too. The first thing is that there could be some chemicals that causes the irritation of the nose and that in turn causes the dog to sneeze. The other reason for the sneezing is the presence of any respiratory infection.

The respiratory infection is very similar to that seen in human beings and the infection may be caused by some kinds of viruses. Some of the common viruses that cause sneezing in the dogs are Parainfluenza virus and also the Type-2 Adenovirus. These viruses can easily spread from one dog to another and this is the reason for the cold to catch on! If you have one dog in the neighborhood sneezing, then soon almost all the dogs will start sneezing if they are living close enough.

If you are in the habit of leaving your pets in the animal shelters, then they are more likely to start sneezing. There are many dogs that are weak and have decreased immunity and this can cause more chances of sneezing in the dogs. Though the virus related sneezing is the major cause, there are also other causes for your dog to sneeze.

The nasal membranes of the dogs can undergo age related changes and this can cause an irritation on the nasal membranes and this too can cause sneezing in the dogs. Similarly, the dogs can also start sneezing because of the bacterial infection. Though the usual cause of sneezing is virus, bacterial infection from Pasteurella, Bordetella, Streptococci and pseudomonas organisms can cause sneezing in the dogs.

There are also certain Noninfectious Causes of Sneezing in dogs and they include the inhalation of certain irritants in the nose. This leads to sneezing. In some other dogs, there can also be an allergy that leads to sneezing. The allergy can be something that was caused due to pollen or other substances and they also lead to sneezing. Other than this, foreign body entry into the nose can also lead to sneezing in the dogs.

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