Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing

Cats can sneeze so much that it starts worrying the owner or those around. Why does my cat keep sneezing? This is one question that is asked by most cat owners or caretakers. A cat sneezing is not just something that happens once in a while, but sneezing can be seen constantly, at least once every few minutes. Animal experts have offered several explanations as to why a cat may take to sneezing so often.

The first explanation to why your cat keeps sneezing has to do with the environmental conditions. Cats, just as humans or any other animals are sensitive or allergic to certain materials in the air. If these materials are present in the air, it may cause the cat to sneeze so long as it remains in that environment. To back this reason, it has been observed that, during a particular period of the year, several cats in an area were sneezing severely implying that there was something in the air at that time that cause them to sneeze.

Infections of the respiratory system may also cause a cat to take to frequent sneezing. The commonest of such infections is the feline herpes, caused by an air-borne virus. This disease may cause flare-ups in a cat, resulting in frequent sneezing. The feline herpes is incurable but can be vaccinated against. Cats’ immune system is able to fight it, but when it takes too long to be healed, the cat may develop other complications like sinus and nasal problems. Sedatives and flu relieving medications may be used to reduce the sneezing for a while.

Other viral infections caused as a complication of leukemia may also cause sneezing in your cat. This virus is transmitted through bodily fluid like saliva from infected cats. The virus causes an irritation in the cat’s respiratory track, causing it to sneeze often. It is very difficult to cure; however, there is a vaccine that can protect your cat against leukemia infections.

Dental problems may also cause sneezing in your cat. This may sound absurd, but it happens. Infections in the teeth of the upper jaw of the cat may extend into its throat, and into the pharynx. This may irritate the respiratory system, causing the cat to sneeze.

Sneezing may also be an indication of the proper functioning of a cat’s respiratory system. If however it becomes too often, then it indicates the presence of a problem. It is important to contact an animal expert as soon as possible to determine the exact cause of the sneezing in your cat.

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