Why Do Dogs Scratch Carpet Before Laying Down

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. These animals are amusing to watch as they exhibit certain habits that can never be fully understood by the owners. One of those habits is scratching the ground or part of the carpet just before laying down. I guess you might want to ask why do dogs scratch carpet before laying down? There is no clear cut reason, but there are many speculations by people who have pet dogs.

The first reason for the dogs scratching the carpet before laying down is that it is inborn in them. Dogs used to be in the wild, and in the wild, they are used to digging and scratching and so at times they exhibit this scratching and digging practice. A wild dog will dig a hole, ease itself in it and then cover it up. It may also dig up a place to make it comfortable to sleep. These habits have been carried on by dogs from generation to generation.

The other reason why dogs are said to scratch the carpet before laying down is that they feel the owner appreciates it. Animals naturally feel the owner appreciates an act by them if after the act, the owner rewards them with a good meal or a pat. If after your dog scratches the carpet just before you pat it, it will repeat the scratching again and again, thinking you like it.

Your dog may also be trying to send a message across by scratching the carpet. Dogs cannot speak and so are unable to verbalize their feelings to the owner. By scratching the carpet, your dog may be trying to communicate a state of loneliness, excitement, boredom or any emotional state to the owner. Observe your dog carefully to detect what it might be trying to communicate. Dogs on heat especially suffer from emotional turmoil and so tend to scratch more on surfaces.

Dogs are animals that are much concerned about their comfort. To ensure that they are comfortable where they are laying, they scratch the carpet to remove unwanted material that may make them uncomfortable. Though your dog may be laying on a particular spot almost all the time, it still scratches it to ensure that the place is comfortable.

Whatever the reason for your dog scratching your beautiful carpet, it can be stopped. Try to play with them and make sure that they do not get bored. For those dogs that scratch out of habit, the best way to stop them is to scold them when they are in the act.

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