Why Do Dogs Like Stuffed Toys

Almost all the dogs that you have as pets seem to have a liking for stuffed toys. They start liking stuffed toys from a small age and play with it and there are times when they rip these stuffed toys too! One likes to know why do dogs like stuffed toys and there are a few answers. These answers to the question are listed here.

One of the main reasons is the fact that dogs feel as if they have achieved something when they have a stuffed toy in their mouth. The natural instinct of the dogs is to jump and catch thinks, hunt animals down and other activities. When the of has a stuffed toy in the mouth that it retrieves, it feels as if it has hunted a small animal down and feels that it has achieved something natural that it should have been doing all the time.

As the dog keeps playing with the stuffed toy, it becomes a regular part of its life. The toy starts liking the toy and though the smell of the stuffed toy deteriorates over time, the dog starts liking it more and more and seems inseparable with the stuffed toy.

If you have a dog that loves stuffed toys too, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. It is good for you to buy a stuffed toy for your dog, but you should remember that they can be dangerous to your pet at times. A lot of care and attention needs to be present when you buy a stuffed toy for your dog.

Never buy a toy that has Styrofoam in it as it can cause various side effects to the dog. At the same time, once you have bought the stuffed toy, you should also make sure that you remove all the extra parts that can get into the mouth of the dog. This will protect the pet dog from any untoward incidents. This is very important because the dogs will ‘hunt’ the toys down and even try to ‘kill’ the toy. This makes the toy to be very safe for these kinds of play by the dog.

These are the main reasons for the dog to like a stuffed toy when one asks the question why do dogs like stuffed toys. If you do have a dog, then you can try to get a stuffed toy for your dog and see how the dog enjoys and plays with the toy.

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