Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Why do dogs eat grass is a question that all of us have had in some point of time in our lives when we have seen these dogs eating grass. There are all kinds of grass that grown in our houses and dogs seem to enjoy eating grass. As a owner of the pet dog, you may be repulsed at the thought of your dog eating grass, but you should remember that there are a few reasons for the dogs to eat the grass. These reasons are listed here.

Before we enter into the reasons for the dogs eating the grass, you need to know a few additional information about dogs and about their eating the grass. One is that the dogs never really get sick of eating the grass, though they throw up as soon as they eat the grass. This may actually be very important when you think as to why the dogs are eating the grass.

One of the common notions that many people have is that the dogs eat grass to supplement their diet. Just like humans consume vitamin tablets to supplement the diet, the dogs seem to eat grass to supplement their diet. This notion is not true.

There are some dogs that eat the grass slowly as if they are struggling to eat the grass. There are other dogs that can be observed and you can find that they are gobbling up the grass. One wonders if the dogs actually eat the grass only to throw up because they vomit as soon as they eat the grass.

Though almost all the people who have adequate and more knowledge on the behavior of dogs will tell you that the dogs eating grass is not for the supplement they get from it, it is not scientifically proven otherwise. Another aspect that needs to be known is that the dogs who eat grass may be thinking of the food that they consumed. If one thinks carefully, we will be able to realize that all the food that the dogs consume is vegetarian and when they eat the grass, they might think that they are indirectly eating some of their regular food.

There are many dogs that will love green leafy vegetables too and this makes one to realize that there is a part of the dog that loves plant based food too and that is the reason for the dog eating grass.

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