Why Do Dogs Chew Wood

Almost all dogs are known to be carnivores. They feed on cooked meat or uncooked flesh and other foods. Dogs sometimes exhibit an eating abnormality that may shock you, and that is that they chew wood. Wood is not on the menu of dog food so why do dogs chew wood?

The reasons are not exactly clear. Animal behavioral experts have taken time and resources to research this phenomenon and find out why the dogs chew wood. They however came up with only speculations and no concrete answers. This is obviously because we cannot communicate with dogs and so it is difficult to understand why they are doing certain things.

Dogs are less discriminative in what they eat. They chew almost anything from shoes to clay to stone and so they chew wood too. It is widely speculated that, dogs chew wood because when they were in the wild, they sometimes could not catch any prey and so when they got hungry, they used to eat anything that could satisfy them. This claim may be partially true as some domesticated dogs that are provided food on a regular basis by their owners also chew wood at times.

The other reason offered as to why dogs eat wood is the smell of the wood. Dogs are intelligent animals with a highly efficient sense of smell. Certain kinds of fresh wood tend to smell like animal flesh and so attract the dogs. Also, when wood is left in the rain or left to absorb some water, it gives out a meaty smell that dogs find difficult to resist.

Another reason why dogs are believed to chew wood is the shape of the wood. Wood may at times be mistaken by the dog for smaller animals because of the shape and may attract the dogs that attack and starts chewing the wood thinking it may be a prey.

Perhaps, it may also be that, dogs just exercise their teeth with the wood. They chew on hard wood, using all the efforts they could. This is believed to strengthen their teeth and sharpen them for what they have been designed for, tearing flesh.

Wood is also known to have some medicinal value. Some kinds of woods are used to cure some ailments. Perhaps, dogs are aware of this and so chew wood when they do not feel well or maybe to get more strength.

Courtesy of Dog Health site.

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