Why Do Cats Throw Up

Cats, as nice and obedient as they can be, may sometimes mess things up by vomiting on your beautiful living room carpet or on your sofa. Vomiting frequently occur in cats more than in other domestic pets. You might be wondering why do cats throw up? The vomiting in cats is attributed to many reasons; some of which have been scientifically proven and the others are only guess work.

Cats may be vomiting when there are parasites in the intestinal track. Some living organisms like worms, bacteria and viruses infect the intestinal track of most cats. These living organisms may produce substances that irritate the gut or the digestive system, initiating a vomit.

Cats may also throw up as a result of a liver disease. A cat suffering from a liver infection is more likely to vomit because the liver is the filtering organ of the cat, a failure of this organ may lead to waste materials being returned back into the body. The remaining food particles in the body may cause irritation, hence the cat vomits. The best way to treat this is to take the cat to a veterinarian at the earliest sign of vomiting.

The most common cause of vomiting in cats is hairballs. Cats groom themselves by licking their coat. As they lick, their tongue gets out loosen hair that may be swallowed. This hair cannot be digested in the digestive system and are instead excreted through their waste. If however the hair is not being excreted, they form balls of the hair in the cat’s stomach. These hair balls irritate the stomach, causing the cat to throw up.

Throwing up in cats may also be a sign of overfeeding. When the cat eats more than the capacity of its stomach, it may begin to throw up in order to keep the digestive system in proper balance. Just like human beings, when cats are offered a meal that is delicious, they may keep eating, even when the stomach is full.

A cat vomiting may also be an indication that the cat has swallowed something undesirable. Cats can accidentally swallow things they may be playing with like buttons from old clothes. They can also swallow certain small articles that have accidentally fallen in their food. If this occurs, the cat may be vomiting in an attempt to get rid of the substance.

It is advisable to see a veterinary expert when a cat is vomiting because you might not know what the cause might be.

Courtesy of Cat Health site.

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