Why Do Cats Steal Socks

If you own a cat or live with someone who owns one, it may be surprising to note that these little animals have a habit of stealing socks. You may realize that your socks, clean or dirty may not be found where you placed them or may not be found at all. If you are not familiar with this habit in cats, you may tend to blame others for your socks getting lost. So why do cats steal socks? This question is not as easy to answer as it may seem, since cats do not talk and cannot explain the reason behind their actions.

One reason why your cat may be stealing your socks is the smell that emanates from your socks. Cats take animate odors for dead animals. The cat may mistake the socks for some meat and because he may not want you to see it eating the ‘meat’, it carries it away to a safe place. After realizing it is not meat, the cat leaves it where it is and does not return the socks to where it picked it from.

Another reason people for cats stealing socks could be the shape of the socks. When you leave your black or white socks on the floor, they may look like a dead rat lying on its side. This may attract the cats, and they think that they will have a rat meal and carry the socks away to where they think it will be safe.

Socks are also warm and comfortable, especially those made of cotton. Kittens love to lie on such warm clothes or wrap them around themselves to keep warm and comfortable. Mother cats may carry the socks to add to the beddings for themselves or for their kittens.

Some cats also become collectors of various things, for whatever reason. Such cats may have a place where they store all the stolen things. They may collect every item they can carry, like clothing, socks, underwear, hats and any other similar things. They may constantly carry socks that you leave in your room to the collection store.

Every habit exhibited by animals is learnt during their younger days. Stealing socks by cats is also something they pick up at a tender age. Though it is not exactly clear why they do it, they may have picked up the habit from an older cat that was around. You can stop your cats from taking your socks by keeping them safe in closed drawers. If they do not get access to them for a long time, they are likely to forget about the habit.

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