Why Do Cats Purr?

If you have ever been around a cat for more than a short time then you may be asking questions about their behaviors more especially why do cats purr. Purring is something that cats engage in very often. They are never taught how to purr but seem to be born with traits that make it purr. Though there is no clear cut explanation as to why cats purr, animal experts and other people have offered their own explanations.

Cats are said to purr to comfort and assure human beings. Cats are a kind of animals that are sensitive to human feelings. If there is a cat close to a sick human being or a person in pain, the cat will begin to purr. Also, if you get angry or sad, you will realize that your cats will come close and purr as if to assure you that there is no reason for you to feel the way you are feeling or to tell you that it understands your feelings and that it is there for you.

Cats also purr to comfort themselves. Sick cats or cats in pain are said to purr the most. This purring brings some sort of relief to them. Cats also purr when they are feeling comfortable. Give a cat warmth when it is feeling cold or food when it is hungry and it will purr as if to say thank you or I appreciate your help.

Mother cats also purr to give some assurance to their kittens. Very young kittens are feeble and can hardly do anything for themselves. They can hardly move, see, smell or feel anything except the vibrations from a mother. This assures them that the mother is around and also helps them to locate their mother for some breast milk or warmth.
Cats also purr to send signals to other cats and also to their owners. They warn other cats of impending danger, for instance when someone is about to strike or catch them. They also warn their owners with their purr when a stranger is around. The purring also serves as a signal to the owners that the cat is in need of something like food, water or warmth.

The cats’ purring is also found to be related to health. Cats which purr often are observed to be healthier. Vibrations from the cats’ purring is said to promote strengthening of their bones, healing of wounds and improve general health.

It is important to observe your cat and know the reasons why it purrs so that you will meet the need for the purring.

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