Why Do Cats Hate Water

Cats are great pets, they keep you company and make you happy. Anybody who owned a cat or have one now might have realized that the animal hates water coming in contact with its fur. Why do cats hate water? This is the question every pet owner seems to be asking. Cats are even said to have the ability to sense water coming towards them when the water is 5 inches away.

Cats may not like water for the reason that, they are trained not to like it. As kittens, cats are usually never bathed, and water is not allowed to touch their fur. The best form of cleaning they are given is a brush for their fur. Animals get trained in the way they are raised and it is no different with these cats. You may give regular baths to your dog and so they get used to the water. Since cats clean themselves, people rarely give the cats a bath. Since cats rarely come in contact with water they grow up disliking it.

Some veterinary experts also argue that the cats are afraid of water. Cats are known to be more fearful than other domestic pets. Cats will generally stay away from situations that other animals may venture into. This general fear of cats is also said to be the main reason for them to ever get near water or come in contact with the water.

Cats are also said to dislike water because they think their fur will stick from contact with water. Though this is not the case that is what cats think. Cats can however be trained to like water. Even if you miss out on training your cat as a kitten, you do not need to worry. The first step is to introduce your cat to a bathing environment. If it is the bathroom tub or a small tub, play with your cat in it. If your cat is scared of the bathroom tub, put your cat into the dry tub till it gets comfortable with it. Introduce toys that your cat likes to play with and be with it while it is there. Then start introducing water slowly into the bath tub. With time, you can actually give your cat a good bath.

Cats are pets with the most teachable skills. They can be taught to like or dislike anything, including water.

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