Who Lives At This Address?

There are many reasons why someone would want to know who lives at a certain house. A neighbor may have concerns about the neighborhood. Someone may be curious about a house that they would like to purchase or has fallen into disrepair. When the person has the address of the house, how does the person find out who lives at this address? Recommended: reverse address lookup

Whether you are just curious to learn who lives at a former address or have serious business with the homeowner, some websites focus on providing the names of the homeowner of any given address. These websites are often referred to as reverse searches since the person is not searching for another person by name but by address.

The White Pages website has a reverse look up function as do many websites that can be found by doing an Internet search. The website user can type the address and the website provides the name of the homeowner or the person living at that address. The problem a user may encounter is if the person doing the search wants the name of the homeowner and the homeowner and the person living at the residence are not the same person.

If the search function uses phone records to provide the name of the person living at an address, the result of the search may not be the homeowner. The result of a search using phone records is likely to show the name of the resident of the home who has phone service at that address. This may be the homeowner or someone renting from the homeowner.

Some websites also allow the website user to find the phone number of the person living at a particular address. A few websites provide more personal information about people living at a particular address. Even photographs of the people are sometimes included in the search results. The information provided by these specialized search engines is often incorrect.

Another way to find out who lives at an address is to check the public records. Each county seat has deed records that show who last bought the home and for how much. People sometimes use these records to look into purchasing a home that is in need of work or that might have been abandoned.

Realtors use this information in the public records as well as recent sales to help determine what houses are currently worth. These public records are open to the general public. The registrar of deeds office in the county where the property is located typically has clerks that will assist people in locating records.

Recommended: reverse address lookup

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