What Were The Reasons For The Holocaust

What were the reasons for the holocaust is a question that is ever present in the minds of people who think about it. Holocaust was the systemic extermination of a entire generation of Jewish people by the German troops who were compelled by Adolf Hitler to do so. The Jewish people from various countries that were conquered by Germany were all brought back to Germany where they were tortured and killed by various means.

When we think of the reasons for this massacre, there seems to be no rational explanation. There are some explanations as to why an individual who made this decision to kill the Jews was supported by millions of others with no questions being asked. The first and foremost reason for the Holocaust was Hitler. He was an all powerful leader of Germany and was very popular and whatever he said was considered correct and when he made the people think that the Jews were the cause for all troubles, the people rose against the Jews sparking the holocaust.

Another important reason was the anti-semantic mood that was prevailing due to various causes that led to the systematic and brutal killing of millions of Jews. Jews were people who were hard working and present in many good positions and the people did not like their success and plotted to rise against them. Hitler too was very angry because he thought that Germany had lost the First World war because of lack of support from the Jewish people.

The people of Germany were all humiliated by the drubbing their country got in the First World War and the release provided by Hitler and his army was a great thing. So people rarely raised their voice against the atrocities committed by Hitler’s army. The propaganda by people against conspiracy theories that the Jewish people were against the German people and the German state were also reasons that contributed to the number of killings.

Another reason was that as the German army kept expanding its territory in the second world war, the number of Jewish people under its borders increased and along with it increased the desire of Hitler to cleanse the land of all ‘undesirable’ people and so he ordered the herding of Jewish people together for the final solution which was the final nail in the coffin. These were the various reasons for the Holocaust that caused the death of millions of Jewish people.

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