What To Say In A Wedding Card

Guests to a wedding may struggle with what to say in a wedding card. A wedding is such a special day for a couple that many friends and family want to be involved in sharing how meaningful the day is by writing something special on the wedding cards. Deciding what to write on a wedding card can be difficult since people feel this pressure to make it special.

Wedding guests should understand that the wedding is already one of the most memorable days the couple will ever experience. People who are struggling with what to say on a wedding card should try to relax and not be so concerned with coming up with the perfect thing to write. The truth is that it’s much easier to write the perfect sentiment than people realize.

The reason the perfect thing to say is much easier to write than people realize is that people tend to think they have to find the perfect sonnet or research the best true love sentiment when really the perfect thing is within their minds already. The perfect thing to write on a wedding card is something personal.

Something personal is much more meaningful than a historic reference to true love or generic statement like “Best Wishes.” Writing a pleasant memory of the couple would be a special sentiment for the couple to cherish. Even if the wedding guest is not sure if the memory is special to the couple, it may be considered special by them just because it was special enough for the wedding guest to remember it.

By turning the goal away from writing the “perfect” thing to writing something personally meaningful, the inscription on a wedding card is already special. Wedding guests should think about the couple themselves and their love, unique qualities, shared memories, and personalities when writing a wedding card inscription.

The use of humor or mentioning how the couple has overcome a trial may be welcome to some newlywed couples but may seem hurtful or bring up bad memories for other couples. Therefore, humor or memories of overcoming an obstacle should only be used by people who know the couple best and only if they know that such sentiments will be perceived as a special sentiment.

Guests who don’t know the couple well are likely to struggle more to have a personal message than those who are intimately acquainted with the couple. Even if the only personal message is the happy addition to the family and the bond of love that brings the bride or groom into the family, such a message is more sincere than a clich√© message of true love.

Passionately saying: I love my wife

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