What To Pack For A Cruise

Taking a cruise is a much anticipated event for many people. When preparing for a cruise, people are afraid to forget to take something that they will need during their vacation. Knowing what to pack for a cruise will help ensure that the person will not regret leaving something behind.

One suggestion is to pack a carry-on bag with a change of clothes, swimming suit, medical insurance cards, and any necessary travel documents and identification. This way if the person’s luggage would get lost by the airline on the way to the port, a change of clothes and swimming suit would still be immediately available.

A person needs to pack day and evening wear that will be suitable for the daily activities onboard. While casual clothing is becoming the norm on most cruises, some cruiselines have specific dress codes for some activities. A person should check the cruiseline’s guidelines and make a checklist of what attire will be necessary.

Typical casual clothing for a cruise includes t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, casual skirts, and slacks. Extra t-shirts and shorts or workout clothes and sneakers may be needed if the person wants to work out or take part in exercise activities onboard.

Swimsuits are generally restricted to the pool area. Therefore, a person will need shorts and t-shirts or cover-up to travel to and from the pool. Sandals or flip flops are also common choices for going to and from the pool.

Some cruises have formal evenings. A person going on a cruise with formal evenings needs to check the guidelines for formal attire. Formal attire may be described as cocktail dresses for the women and suits or tuxedos for the men. A cruiseline may describe the dress code as smart casual which would include suits for men and dresses or pantsuits for women.

When packing for a cruise, the usual toiletries, make up, and suntan lotion are often easy to remember. Sunglasses and any necessary prescription eyewear shouldn’t be forgotten. People who wear contacts may also want to pack a pair of glasses. Many people like to pack maps, currency conversion charts, and guidebooks related to the ports of call.

If using a digital camera, cell phone, or laptop, it is useful to take the necessary battery chargers. Some people like to take a journal to write about their experiences. Books, magazines, and MP3 players are common diversions used during a cruise. Many people like to leave space in their luggage for souvenirs that they will be bringing home.

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