What To Expect After A Hysterectomy

There are a large number of women who undergo a hysterectomy surgery every year. Their life quality is greatly improved by the surgery, they no longer suffer from the pain, bleeding, concerns about pregnancy and the disease will be alleviated. However, there are some women who views hysterectomy as something negative as they will not be able to have get pregnant after the surgery. For this group of women, they may suffer from depression due to their inability to get pregnant. If you are thinking of getting hysterectomy no matter what your reason is, you may want to know what to expect after a hysterectomy.

After the hysterectomy, a hormone replacement maybe necessary and there risks associated with this treatment but it is necessary to balance against the patient’s risks for osteoporosis and other medical conditions. Women who are lucky to retain their cervix after the surgery should continue to go for Pap smears test as suggested by their doctor because the risk of cervical disease remains even after hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy is needed when the treatment for malignancies fails and the effects after the surgery can be very minimal to life changing. During the post surgery the women usually feel pain and discomfort in vaginal area and the recovery time varies, but normal activities expected to resume in about six weeks time.

Some patients may experience some serious complications that include hemorrhage, infection, renal failure, stroke and maybe heart attack. Precautionary steps are usually taken in the event of any of these conditions would occur. As a result of having a hysterectomy would the change in the hormones, which is an early menopause if you undergo hysterectomy before your menopause age. Additional effects usually include heart disease, depression, night sweats, bowel obstructions and insomnia.

Hysterectomy usually has a great impact on a woman’s life because they will not be able to get pregnant and give birth anymore. Some women will undergo bad depression if she is married and was expecting to have her own child. Second opinion is very important before making your decision. It is advisable not only getting advise from your family member but from your doctor, as there maybe other treatment options are available other than hysterectomy.

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