What To Eat If I Got Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is the medical term for a condition where a person glucose level in their blood is lower than normal and sometimes it is known as under-sweet blood. Now that you know what hypoglycemia is, it is important that you keep your blood sugar levels stable because it can cause many dangerous symptoms and it can prove to be fatal if you do not watch your diet. However, it will be perfectly fine if you have a strict diet but you maybe wondering what to eat if I got hypoglycemia?

It is best if you keep track of everything you eat for a week and if you experience the symptom of hypoglycemia, you will know what kind of food that triggers it. When you find out food that contribute to the symptom, eliminate it and try to avoid the food at all cost. If you are under prescribed medicine, do not stop your medication immediately. Instead consult your doctor and acknowledge them about your condition. Your diet diary will be one of the most important things you should have with you all the time.

Do not try to do extreme elimination, only you with the guidance of a health-care professional can decide your pace of eliminating food from your diet. Try to do it gradually to prevent you from having withdrawal symptoms. Replace the food that triggers hypoglycemia with good, wholesome, nutritious food and snacks as close to their natural state as possible. Lean meat s, poultry (without skin), whole grains, vegetables and allowable fruits are recommended. This is very important as you would want to prevent deprivation from setting in. Be sure that you eat at least six small meals a day or three medium size meals with snacks in between. However, try to restrain yourself from over eating.

Always be prepared, equip yourself with snacks wherever you are. Whether at home, school, or office, you must always make sure that you have snacks with you because you will need to keep your blood sugar stabilized at all times. Always keep snacks with you.

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