What Kind Of Cancer Did Paul Newman Die From

Paul Newman Has Died

Paul Leonard Newman, the American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and auto racing enthusiast died from a long struggle battle with lung cancer. He died at age 83 on September 26, 2008.

Short Note:

Newman was one of the few actors who successfully made the transition from 1950s cinema to that of the 1960s and 1970s. His rebellious persona translated well to a subsequent generation.

Newman announced that he would entirely retire from acting on May 25, 2007. He stated that he did not feel he could continue acting at the level he wanted to. “You start to lose your memory, you start to lose your confidence, you start to lose your invention. So I think that’s pretty much a closed book for me.”

Newman was a co-founder of Newman’s Own, a food company from which Newman donated all post-tax profits and royalties to charity. As of October 2008, these donations had exceeded US$250 million.

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