What Is The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

The quickest way to lose weight is often not the safest way for the body. However there are strict diets and exercise regimens that can help you shed weight over a short period of time. Crash diets promise you magical weight loss but make sure you choose a plan that is right for your age, health and body type.

The first thing to consider is your calorie intake. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you will have to adjust the intake of calories and restrict it to a bare minimum. The choice of calories includes both the choice of food and portion sizes. Lean meats, whole grain foods, most vegetables and some fruits are a good choice. It’s also advisable to read the labels on food products so that you are aware of the nutrient value and calories on each item.

Sources of protein include white of an egg, chicken and turkey breast. Whole grain foods are high in fibre and boost your metabolism. Vegetables and fruits contain essential minerals and vitamins, are relatively low in calories and are a good choice to satiate your sweet-cravings. Drinking green tea is also suggested to boost weight lost. Carbohydrates, fatty foods and those high in sugar should be avoided.

In order to lose weight quickly you have to burn your calories fast. A high impact cardiovascular exercise program should be followed and you should put in more hours of exercise. Some of the exercises that burn maximum calories include running, aerobics, elliptical training, using the stationary bike, and brisk walking. Drinking water is also important when exercising. Aim for eight to ten glasses per day, spaced out before and in between meals.

Chalk out a diet for a whole week and stick to it. It is easier to plan and follow a diet, and sometimes extremely helpful to keep a diet journal to keep track of your food intake. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than stuffing it in three main meals. Ideally, three meals with two healthy snacks in between are recommended.

The secret of losing and maintaining healthy weight does not lie in crash diets and short-term exercise regimes. If you stop exercising, often the weight comes back. Try to chalk out a healthy fitness program for yourself that suits your lifestyle and that you can maintain over time. The body needs nutritious food and regular exercise to remain healthy. Once you lose weight, it is important to keep it off.

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