What Is The Cost Of The Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig, which was founded on the early 80’s, is one of those weight management service companies. It offers programs that help their clients learn about proper diet and other related things. It combines nutrition programs and physical activity with counseling to provide more satisfaction to their clients. It does not focus more on exercises but on good nutrition and intake. The program actually follows the FDA’s food guide pyramid.

A platinum membership on Jenny Craig’s costs for about $290 and that’s for a lifetime membership. Basic program fees start at $6/week. You may also avail of other programs. One of these is the “how much you lost is the how much you pay” program. Say for an example, if you want to lose 15 lbs then you have to pay $15 for that package.

The food menu that Jenny Craig offers has many varieties depending on your calorie diet. It costs for approximately $10-$12/day and that includes all three meals and snacks. Most menus follow the low-calorie diet which is too strict to actually follow it especially on the first phase. If there is something you don’t like from the menu, you can replace it to something else that you like.

Multivitamins and antioxidants are also available on the membership but you need to buy them on addition to the food that you buy. There is also a special program that if you reached your goal weight, you will be placed on a maintenance plan and if your weight is either 5lbs above or 5lbs below, you get half of the membership fee you paid. That is a very good deal for someone determined to really loose weight.

In addition to regular one-to-one counseling from the staffs, you also get to learn some good products that may actually work in which in the first phase of program is required for you to buy. Again, it is not free so you need to buy it. A dining out guide is also included on your package. The guide sees to it that you can dine out without actually ruining weight loss goals.

According to some reviews of clients to the program, the idea and the focus of the diet program is good and effective but there is a little problem on the cost. The food actually costs the greatest and can actually reach to about $100/week which is a bit pricey than any other diet programs.

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