What Is The Best Way To Propose?

A marriage proposal is a monumental event for a couple. The man might be nervous about what to say or how to propose. Before proposing, it may be helpful for the man to review information about what is the best way to propose for him to feel confident in planning this special event.

Perhaps the worst way to propose is to treat the proposal as something that is not serious. Entering into an engagement is a serious commitment. To propose jokingly could be perceived as disrespectful or could give the impression that the engagement will not be taken seriously either.

The proposal is a memorable event for the couple. A common way to propose marriage is to do so over a romantic dinner. If the proposal itself is sincere, this type of proposal is usually fine. However, many people expect something more creative, memorable, and personal for a proposal.

The best proposal reflects who you are as a couple. If the couple enjoys sporting events, it has become relatively common to have a public proposal at a sporting event such as having the proposal announced or displayed on the scoreboard. Due to the use or mention of this type of proposal in movies, a public sporting proposal has become somewhat cliché. The man might want to think of some new, creative way to propose.

A proposal should respect the woman’s personality. If the woman is a very shy or private person, a loud public proposal may be a mortifying experience for her. Not only should the proposal avoid disrespecting the woman’s personality, but it could be considered extremely romantic if the proposal incorporates her interests. For example, a man might propose to a woman who is an art lover by painting a picture that includes “Will you marry me?” and asking her opinion of his art.

A unique twist to the ordinary proposal over a romantic dinner may be if the man makes dinner for his girlfriend and proposes to her in food. There are many different ways to do this. He might include the proposal in a fortune cookie or have a cake made with the proposal in icing on the cake.

A proposal might also include the mention of the woman’s attributes that the man appreciates most. By expressing the reasons that he loves her, it adds sincerity to the proposal and shows that he put much thought and consideration into the proposal. The best way to propose is a proposal that is romantic and has that sincerity.

Passionately saying: I love my wife

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