What Is The Best Way To Cook Rice

Rice is best when fluffy and light. Nobody likes to eat gummy and overcooked rice. The best way to cook recipe is to add a measured amount of water and cook at low to medium heat for the right amount of time.

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It is best to rinse the rice a few times first before cooking. Rinsing gets rid of any added salts or powders, and also makes the rice less sticky. Then soak the grains for 15-20 minutes. The rice grains imbibe water and cook faster. It also makes the grains less brittle. Soaking is advisable especially for aged long-grained basmati rice.

Short grain rice takes less water and cooks faster whereas brown rice requires more water and takes longer to cook. Short grain rice is also high in starch content and usually eaten with stir fries. Basmati rice goes well with all curries, and as a side dish. As a rule, the volume of water required is double the amount of rice. Adding more water makes the rice starchier.

Boil water first before adding the rice. Add the measured amount of rice, and cover the pot with a tight fitting lid. This step is important, as keeping the pot open leads to evaporation of the water and the rice maybe left a little uncooked. Reduce the heat once the water comes to a boil. Let it cook for 12-13 minutes before turning the gas off completely.

Check if it is done by removing the lid, and then let the rice rest for a few minutes before serving. An alternate way is to boil the rice in a large pot with excess water. Check the rice with a spoon after twelve to thirteen minutes. Once the rice is cooked, the water can be drained, and rice left in the strainer to dry.

Make sure you use a fork to fluff up the rice, and not break the grains by turning it again and again. Rice is made well in microwaves and in rice cookers also. You can fry vegetables like diced carrots, onions, peas, and cauliflower and add it to the rice. Usually the vegetables are sautéed a little before adding the water and rice. The veggies cook along with the rice. Add spices like cumin, saffron, and cinnamon sticks make the rice more aromatic.

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