What Is Tasso Ham

Tasso ham is a smoked pork shoulder which is widely known as the boston butt and it is a specialty of a Cajun cuisine. It is relatively easy to cook and it is mostly a favorite for everybody who has tasted it before. Tasso ham can be an additional ingredient in certain recipe and also an important ingredient in famous dishes like Shrimp and Grits.

Adding Tasso ham into soup or gravies will enhance the test of the cooking. The word “ham” is a confusion, as ham usually made of the thigh and the rump of pork but Tasso ham are actually made of the shoulder part of

To make Tasso ham, you will need the fat part of the pork. Although the fat part will not very healthy but it will be delicious and if you do not use that part for Tasso ham, it will not taste as good as usual. If you want to make a high quality of Tasso ham, it is advisable that you make it from a high quality of meet as well.

The shoulder part of pork is used because of the strong flavor of pork and it is the part of pork that contain the most muscles that are often being use. The ideal size to make a Tasso ham would be ranging from 7 to 8 pounds and it is slices across and into pieces of 3 inches and around 7.5 cm thick.

Then the meat will be drenched in salt cure, which is the mixture of salt, nitrates and sugar. The meat will be left for three to four hours. The meat will then be rinsed and spiced with the mixture of Cayenne pepper and garlic. It is then being hot smoked until it is really cooked.

The Tasso ham are not usually eaten on its own although it is so good that you can actually eat it on its own. It is used in dishes, in pasta it is being cut into small pieces and serve as a topping on top of the spaghetti to a small grinds which people serve in soup.

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