What Is Jon And Kate Gosselin Email Address?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is a show on the TLC network that chronicled the lives of parents raising a set of twins and sextuplets. Over the course of the show, many people have had strong opinions about the family and the marriage. Like with many celebrities, people may want to ask questions or share opinions. What is Jon and Kate Gosselin email address?

Jon and Kate reached celebrity status with the reality show. Kate has done interviews and appears on ABC’s show Dancing with the Stars in April 2010. Both Jon and Kate have been featured in many tabloids over the years.

Much controversy surrounds the couple’s divorce with both having been accused of infidelity in the media. Their lives after the divorce have continued to be the subject of articles from their financial struggles to Jon’s dating.

People who want to contact Jon and Kate often try the TLC Jon and Kate Plus 8 website. The web pages dedicated to the show often have a comment section, but the sections are closed to further comments. Kate’s blog on the TLC website does allow for comments at this time.

Two email addresses for Jon and Kate are info@sixlittlegosselins.com and sixymomma@comcast.com. Though most people know that Kate and the children live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, other contact information for Jon and Kate is kept private.

Even with their attention to privacy, Kate has mentioned in interviews that paparazzi follow her when she attempts to do things that people take for granted like getting coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or going to the store. Some may question Kate’s ongoing public appearances and involvement on other television shows while complaining about being famous.

Much of the public believe that being followed by paparazzi is just part of being a celebrity. Another expectation of the American public is to be able to write to celebrities. Fan mail is typically handled through outside sources and does not go directly to the celebrity.

In addition to Kate’s blog, videos and photographs of the children, recipes, a trivia game, and video clips of an interview of Kate by NBC’s Natalie Morales are some of the items featured on the TLC website. Readers are able to subscribe to TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 on their website. Videos of past episodes are available for users to view. The videos are not the full episodes, but rather video clips of part of the episodes.

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