What Is Ashlee Simpson’s Favorite Color

Ashlee Nicolle Simpson or more well known as Ashlee Simpson who is born October 3, 1984 making her 25 years old this year. She is the sister of the famous pop star Jessica Simpson who raise to fame with her song “pieces of me”. Now that is she famous and officially married to Pete Wentz the lead singer of the pop rock band “FallOut Boy”.

Ashlee Simpson’s has shown her favorite color by changing the color of her hair and the color of the top she wear. She used to change the color of her hair and when she is asked, her reply would be simple, “because I like it”.

Ashlee Simpson’s started her career with a blonde hair, which she later dyes it back to black. In an interview, she admits that she never liked the blonde hair color because it does not suit her personality. She believed that black would show people that she have a mysterious side as well.

She is then seen having a light brown hair, which look so close to red. She is known as a pop rock singer because of all the song she sang. Through a drastic transition from black to red, Ashlee Simpson is no longer loving her black color hair and her mysterious look. Instead, she is showing an image of a rocker chick which explains why is she dating the Pete Wentz who is from the rock band FallOut Boy.

Ashlee Simpson also admits that she love her pink color top with the Love 3 design. She loves the top because it makes her feel more feminine than all her other top. Which is acceptable because most of her tops are black.
Hot pink and black is Ashlee Simpson’s favorite color this is due to her habit of accessorizing her self with those two colors.

She always seen around and wearing her hot pink jacket holding along her black purse. It is definite that her favorite is hot pink and black. She have a personality of pop rock star with her light brown hair and usually people with pop rock star personality tends to like the color black. She is also very feminine as she is very close to her sister Jessica and both of them love the hot pink color.

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