What Is An IP Address Finder?

An IP address names the location and host of any device that communicates by Internet protocol. An IP address is a numeric code that expresses this information. The IP address is four numbers separated by periods. Internet service providers have IP addresses. What is an IP address finder?

Many websites act as IP address finders. The website allows users to obtain their IP address just by visiting the IP address finder website. With the IP address, the website can display the website user’s general geographic location and the name of the user’s Internet service provider (ISP). An IP address finder can be located with a search on Internet search engines.

Though Internet service providers used to assign each user with an IP address, these days the individual users do not keep the same IP address. When each user was assigned an IP address, this constant IP address for the user was called a static IP address. Instead of continuing to do this, an Internet service provider has numerous IP addresses available and the user’s IP address will be one of the Internet service provider’s IP addresses. These changing IP addresses for a user are called dynamic IP addresses.

Many Internet users have limited understanding of what an IP address is and how it is used. When a computer user types in a website address, the computer user’s IP address is communicated and the information is sent to that IP address so that the computer user can view the website.

Some websites retain information on the IP addresses that access the websites. This tells the website owners the general location of the users of that website. This information is sometimes used to display advertising on the website for services related to the location of the user.

For some Internet users, allowing websites to gather this information makes them uncomfortable even though this information is typically used for marketing purposes and to identify technical issues with the website. Some IP address finder websites offer services to allow users to block their IP addresses. Another way to hide the IP address without an IP address finder website is to use a proxy server.

A proxy server allows people to surf the Internet anonymously. Proxy server websites can be found by doing a search on a search engine. Some proxy servers are free while others charge a fee. These websites allow the user to display websites without the website being able to collect the user’s IP address.

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