What Is A Reverse Address Look Up?

When people need a person’s address, they may want to do a quick search on the Internet to obtain it. These days, fewer people are using phonebooks or even own one. The person may also be searching for the address of someone who lives outside the local area that is covered by the phone book. What is a reverse address look up and how can it help find someone’s address? Recommended: reverse address lookup

An Internet user only needs to search a search engine like Google for a reverse address search to find the answer to what is a reverse address lookup. The results are likely to yield several websites that offer a reverse address lookup. These websites allow the user to search for an address by typing in the name and general location of the person. The typical general location is a city and state, though some reverse address look up websites do not require it.

A reverse search that does not require an address will provide a list of all individuals of that name within its database. Most names will have numerous results. The listing usually includes the city and state of the last known address for the individuals of that name. The person using the website to search for the address of a person may be able to choose from the list of people of that name by knowing which city and state the person lives.

It can be much more difficult to find a person who may have moved from state to state and the person searching does not know which state the person currently resides. This is especially difficult if the person does not have residential phone service. The reverse look up websites often use residential phone records to provide information. Therefore, a person who uses a cell phone without having a residential phone may not be included in the database.

If reverse lookup websites fail to provide an address, the person doing the search may want to research subscription or fee-based databases. While reverse look up websites are free to use, they often advertise for other websites that charge fees for searches.

Some of these reverse search services that charge fees advertise that a person’s address can be found if the person doing the search has the individual’s cell phone number. If the person looking for an address has the person’s cell phone number, the person may be able to use a free reverse address look up and narrow the results by the location that matches the area code of the cell phone number.

Recommended: reverse address lookup

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