What Is A Malicious Software Program

Malicious software program which is also know known as malware is a code of software that was written by a person with an intention to crash your computer and making it malfunction allowing them access the valuable information in your computer. The danger of the this malicious software program is that even after it is been downloaded into the computer, the user will not be aware of the malicious software inside the computer.

Once it is installed into the computer, the person who wrote the program will be able to use the malicious software to achieve his or her own agenda. Usually one malicious software program will contain computer viruses, Trojan horses, spywares and worms.

One of the most dangerous malicious software program will be automatically downloaded into your computer even without you noticing. It will be undetected and the person who is controlling the malicious software program will be able to control your computer to do anything he or she wanted. They can track your back account details, steal your credit card details and sell it off to identity thief. They can even use your computer as their base to attack other computer.

The Trojan virus is usually what they called for such type of malicious software program attack. Since it goes undetected, the controller of the program will be the real controller of your computer. Running all the mischievous acts right under your nose. If your computer is connected to a network like your workplace or at home, it will spread the program and will totally infect the other computers that is connected in the network. Your computer’s performance will be greatly reduced.

Some functions in your computer will stop working in order to limit your control over the system. It will do it best to prevent you from removing the malicious software program so that it can continue the malicious act that it have been doing when it infect your computer. Some known malicious software program will even change the name and passwords of your account enabling you log in to your computer.

The malicious software program can be removed by reformatting your computer, this is one of the most effective way to get rid of them. Alternatively you can also install anti virus software to block the malicious software program to get into your computer system.

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