What Happens To The Body During After Pregnancy

Almost every woman in this world will eventually get pregnant and start their own family. However, with the myth about pregnancy that is getting more and more out of hand and it tends to ridicule you most of the time. You maybe wondering what happens to the body during after pregnancy if you are planning to get pregnant and start your own family.

Your skin pigmentation may change if you are pregnant. You may notice melasma or known as pregnancy mask, which appear as a darkening of the skin on your cheeks, upper lip or forehead. It resembles a mask the brown discoloration is often symmetrical and appears on both sides of the face, although it will disappear during post pregnancy. Other than the brown patch, you might also see a dark, vertical line running down the middle of your stomach. Linea nigra is caused by pigmentation in the skin occurring where your abdominal muscles had to stretch and seprate lightly to give your baby more room as they grow. The effect of additional melasma in the body could cause increased pigmentation in other part of your body as well. Your nipples, moles, and freckles will get darker but fret not, it will usually fades away within a week or two after delivery.

Many women are baffled why do their feet change in size when they are pregnant. A medical study has proven that women’s feet tend to swell during pregnancy. Therefore the fact that women’s feet will change in size after pregnancy are not related at all. The total amount of fluids in the body will increase during pregnancy and due to gravity, the excess water usually ends up in the feet. It can take a couple of weeks after delivery for the swelling to subside.

It is recommended for you to wear suppose hose and try to elevate your legs whenever you can. It is advisable that you invest in a loose pair of comfortable shoe the get you through with the feelings and preventing you feet suffering pain.

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