What Happens To The Body During A Stroke

Stroke is a medical condition wherein due to lack of oxygen, heart tissues begin to die out and the heart’s vital functions begin to deteriorate. Symptoms usually depend on how much damage the heart received from lack of oxygen. And worst thing is that most of its symptoms are sudden and oftentimes undetectable.

If you have stroke, you will most likely experience the following:

i) Headache that may last for a long time and may be accompanied by stiff neck and facial pain.
ii) Speech and sight problems are common to occur.
iii) Difficulty walking and dizziness.
iv) You may even lose your consciousness.
v) Vomiting.

Do take note that most of these symptoms are abrupt and there are also instances when you don’t feel anything at all. When these symptoms occur, most likely heart tissues and brain cells are dying out. So every second counts in these kinds of life-threatening situations. Regular check-ups are therefore very important to detect stroke as soon as possible before things get worse.

There are many causes of stroke and usually doctors have a hard time determining what exactly this cause is. A lot of factors affect stroke. It may be due to a person’s diet and lifestyle; it might be also because of genetics. Obese people have higher risk of stroke since excess fat is very dangerous to our body. Cholesterol and other substance may build up on a person’s blood vessels and therefore causing a disturbance in blood flow. If it develops, blood flow might be impossible and henceforth begins the deterioration of the heart following the other parts of the body. Then again, age is also a risk factor. The older you are, the more you are at risk of stroke. Women are as well more prone to stroke and study showed that it may be contributed on the levels of a particular hormone called estrogen. Blood clots are too one of the most known cause for stroke. It blocks the blood vessels and therefore causing major damage on those areas.

Time is essential especially if you’re talking about heart-related diseases. We should not neglect the symptoms above more over if you already know that it’s not normal for you to experience so. If you already know, then change for the better. If you have stroke, why eat oily foods? Why not going to the doctor? You should therefore be careful with your body well unless you’re thinking of committing suicide on the long run.

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