What Foods Can I Eat On The Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet is appealing to many dieters because of the foods the person can eat while on that diet. A problem with many diets is that people do not stick to them very long due to feeling deprived and too restricted on what foods they can eat. What foods can I eat on the Atkins diet?

Dieters on the Atkins diet can eat much more protein and fat than on other diets. Food for the Atkins diet includes red meat, regular cheese, eggs, butter, and many sources of protein. Many dieters are happy with this type of diet since it allows so much protein. Protein is often restricted, but not necessarily banned, on other diets.

Foods you can’t eat on the Atkins diet include large amounts of carbohydrates. The dieters’ carbohydrate intake is extremely restricted. During the first two weeks of the diet, people are allowed to eat only twenty grams of carbohydrates each day. The person is allowed to add slightly more carbohydrates to their diet after the two week starting period.

Some foods cannot be eaten on the Atkins diet. The people on the Atkins diet cannot eat refined sugar, white bread, milk, white pasta, white rice, or white potatoes. Many diets restrict products with white flour such as white bread and white pasta. These diets often recommend that dieters opt for whole grain alternatives to white rice, white bread, and white pasta. After the two week introductory period, people on
Atkins diet are able to eat some whole grain foods.

Since people on the Atkins diet don’t eat many fruits and vegetables, they must supplement their diets with vitamins. The carbohydrate intake including fruits and vegetables is limited to forty grams a day after the two week introductory period.

Though the diet was extremely controversial when it was introduced, some benefits have been found by at least one study. People who follow the Atkins diet often have weight loss, improved HDL cholesterol, and improved triglycerides. Another benefit is that sticking to the diet is much easier for many dieters than following other diets.

Some experts are concerned about whether following such a high-fat, high-protein diet for a long time is safe. The generally suggested minimum of carbohydrate intake per day is one hundred fifty grams in order to maintain normal metabolic functioning. The Adkins diet falls well below this level. Experts are also concerned that following the Atkins diet may put dieters at risk for heart disease.

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