What Equipment Is Needed To Play Lacrosse

Although it is not as well known as soccer, baseball, American football, basketball or even cricket, the appearance of lacrosse equipments in the shelves of the major chain stores is an indication that the game is gaining some popularity and you may want to know what equipment is needed to play lacrosse. It was started as a recreational game before gaining its popularity. Before gaining popularity, lacrosse was only played with a stick called “crosse” and a ball. A team in lacrosse will require additional equipment such as face guard, shoulder pads, chest pads, elbow pads and also padded gloves. The female players are advised to wear goggles. Both male and female players must wear mouth guards and cleats.

There are three types of lacrosse sticks and it is held by players who are playing in different positions. The attacking and midflied players are required to use a short stick, which ranges from 40” to 42” in length with a narrow hear. While the defending players are required to use the long stick, which ranges from 52” to 72” in length. The length of every player’s stick may differ from one another as it is determined by the height of the player and also his or her skill level. The goalie will use a short stick with a fat and wide head.

However, the goalie will require additional padding for his or her chest and some thigh pads, which are actually a pair of pants. The goalie’s gloves are very thick and they are advised to wear shin guards as well because they will need to block the ball, therefore it is advisable that they protect themselves properly.

The stick is the most important piece besides the ball of the lacrosse game, no matter what type of game you play, be it recreational or formal play. If you buy a relatively cheap sticks, it usually do not provide the pocket needed to maintain the ball in the stick and soon as the player improves, multiple sticks will be necessary as the stick is the main equipment that determines your playing tactic. Don’t let expenses stop you from getting involves in this amazing game. Children’s leagues however often provide pads that you can loan, in order to give your kids play to maximum without digging deep into your pocket.

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