What Effects Do Heart Attacks Have On The Body

Heart attack happens because the coronary arteries in the heart are blocked making it impossible for the heart to carry out its natural work, to circulate blood that contains oxygen and nutrients to the whole body. Since every part of human’s body require oxygen and nutrients to stay alive, what effects do heart attacks have on the body?

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Heart attack happens because the arteries in the heart are blocked. Usually it is blocked by a plaque like substance that is accumulated over the years. People who have smoking habit and high cholesterol are more exposed to heart attack because by smoking, the poisonous substance of the cigarette will be stuck to the arteries when they smoke. Accumulated by years, the arteries will be clotted with such substance and will result in a decreasing amount of blood into the heart. When the arteries are blocked, heart attack occurs.

A massive heart attack is always deadly and if you are lucky enough to escape death, your myocardium maybe permanently damaged. Resulting incapability of the heart muscle to perform the regular expansion and contraction of the heart, which leads to a further complication of the body.

The heart may experience an irregular rhythm of the heart beat which is known as arrhythmia will weaken the heart and it is completely fatal. It is a common situation in the medical area. Arrhythmia often continues even after the heart attacks.

After the heart attack occurs it is advisable that you consult your doctor and go for a frequent check up to prevent the valves problems. The valve is the part of the body that controls the direction of flow of the blood. If a problem in valves exists, the blood may not flow the way it should be and this situation is very serious and it may cause death.

Congestive heart failure is an after effect of heart attack that occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood to the whole body due the damage on the muscles of the left part of ventricles. This will cause lack of oxygen to the other part of body and it will cause fatigue and other complications to the body.

When a person suffers from a heart attack before and the damage is not severe. They are able to recover and lead normal life again. Although a regular visits to the doctor is a must and they have to watch their diets.

****** Recommended: Are you preparing for or recovering from heart valve surgery? Read Patient’s Guide To Heart Valve Surgery

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