What Does Exercise Do For Your Health

Exercise is the proven formula for good health. Regular physical activity is recommended for everyone at all ages. It has several benefits and the lack of exercise over time can negatively affect your health. It keeps your body and mind active, free of disease and maintains a balance between your calorie intake and expenditure. Doctors recommend at least one hour physical activity per day, which could include exercising in the gym, weight training, walking or doing strenuous household work.

Keeps diseases at bay
Regular exercise strengthens your heart muscle. Cardiovascular exercises and aerobics decrease the probability of heart disease, reduce bad cholesterol and keep the blood pressure in check. It is highly recommended for people with a family history of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These also increase your lung capacity. Other health benefits of exercise include improved insulin utilization, reduced risk of cancer and balanced hormone levels. It is also said to increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Makes your muscles stronger
Weight training exercises can help build muscle and make them lean and strong. A higher muscle content in the body leads to high higher metabolic rate which means more energy is burned in your body. Light weight training is also recommended for older people, to keep their muscles from weakening over time. Exercise is said to reduce effects of aging, and maintaining this healthy lifestyle in your youth keeps you active longer and also through your later years.

Keeps your weight in check
Nobody can deny the increasing rate of obesity in younger people and regular exercise is required to lower your body mass index (BMI) which increases your chances of leading a longer, healthier life. Most back pains in overweight people are a result of lack of exercise, and there are certain stretching moves designed to strengthen back muscles.

Psychological health benefits
There are psychological benefits that can be gained with regular exercise. Exercise releases brain chemicals known as endorphins in the body that lift your mood and make you feel happy. These ward off feelings of anxiety and depression, and also increase mental alertness.

Other benefits
Exercise keeps your energy level high, and helps you sleep better. It is a great way to spend more time with friends and family and poses a good example for children.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet is the key to a healthy and active life. It’s never too late to start. It is always advisable to start slowly and regularly increase the amount of exercise  to let you body adapt and avoid muscle cramping.

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