What Do You Eat While On The Jenny Craig Diet?

The Jenny Craig diet has become a popular diet. Their television commercials show people who have lost weight on the program. A person considering Jenny Craig may want to know what do you eat while on the Jenny Craig diet. The person may have seen on the commercial or heard from others about prepackaged meals and may have concerns about the meals.

When starting Jenny Craig, the dieter is expected to eat the food provided by Jenny Craig. The beginning dieter eats according to Jenny Craig menus. The pre-packaged foods from Jenny Craig are called Jenny’s Cuisine. The beginning dieter eats three Jenny Cuisine meals and one Jenny Cuisine snack every day. The dieters can add fruit and vegetables that they purchase locally. There are over eighty Jenny Cuisine items from which to choose. Jenny Craig meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees and desserts.

The foods are designed to be low-fat, high-fiber foods. The foods are also designed to be low in cholesterol. The Jenny Craig diet program is a balanced diet that focuses on the portion control and variety of the healthy foods. It is not restrictive or considered unbalanced like many fad diets. The Jenny Craig diet plan does not ban carbohydrates like some diets.

People considering Jenny Craig may be concerned that they will always be expected to eat the Jenny’s Cuisine prepackaged meals. The prepared foods and menus are designed to teach people about proper portion sizes and healthy eating habits. Once the dieters learn about portion control and healthy eating, the dieters can start planning their own menus.

Each person on Jenny Craig meets weekly with a consultant to help them plan their meals for the week. The consultation may be done in person at a Jenny Craig Centre or over the phone. The consultant can also help the dieter tailor the Jenny Craig program to meet their needs. The consultant can also help the dieter include their favorite foods or alcoholic beverages occasionally while dieting.

Jenny Craig materials instruct the dieter about dining in restaurants. The information provided by Jenny Craig gives the dieter tips on choosing foods from menus and how to eat out while on the Jenny Craig program. The Jenny Craig website offers dieters access to eTools such as activity and menu planners. The progress tracker and other free tools are available to everyone, not just clients of Jenny Craig.

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