What Do Certain Dreams Mean

I have always wondered what certain dreams mean, specially the ones that occur repeatedly. Are they just a figment of our sleeping imagination or is there another hidden meaning waiting to be unraveled. Dreams can be pleasant and inspiring, scary and nightmarish, so real that you cannot separate it from your daily life. There are so many explanations of dreams to choose from. Are there hidden messages attached to our dreams, is there a reason why we remember some dreams and forget some so easily? Everyone has to answer these questions for themselves.

Dreams are experienced in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. Scientists have always been fascinated by it and a lot of theories out there try to explain the meaning of dreams. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology proposed that dreams were a reflection of a person’s desires and largely affected by the person’s environment and physiological state. Modern psychologists explain dreams as a reflection of daily activities that are not dealt with while awake. Other theories suggest that dreams are a way to practice and prepare for the real world.

Spiritual teachers offer additional meanings to dreams. According to them when you are sleeping you connect with a universal energy, and dreams may be an indication of something more than just a reflection of your fears and aspirations. In the early ages, dreams were indicative of a message from a higher source, a sign for something.

What do recurrent dreams mean? Some recurring dreams can be interpreted. For example, if a person dreams of falling or failing in a test, it indicates a lack of confidence and insecurity; a dream about funerals could indicate repression of feelings or desires in your current life and so on.

Some people claim to dream of unique events from their past lives. Sometimes these dreams occur repeatedly and they can remember minute details about the dream. Though these occurrences are oftentimes not scientifically tested, but they can hugely impact a person’s life.

Whatever the meaning, dreams offer an insight into another plane, a dimension that is virtually unexplored. Maybe dreams are a way for us to stop and think about our achievements, desires and fears and assess them over time. Maybe changing our state of consciousness and connection with our spiritual self can give new meaning to dreams, and help us find a deeper connection with our inner self.

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