What Causes A Stroke

A stroke is a disturbance of the blood in the vessels which affects the areas surrounding it which in some are sudden and intense. Lack of oxygen and sugar leading to the brain will make the brain cells die out and therefore affecting the brain’s functions. Often times, people are unaware that they are having stroke mostly because of its undetectable symptoms.

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One of the most likely causes of stroke is the blockage of an artery. The arteries have vital roles especially in blood circulation through the most important parts of the human body. The arteries bring blood to the brain and so if this process gets disrupted at any way, there may be a high risk of stroke. There are also cases when the arteries of a person got hard due to the build up of cholesterol and other substances. When this happens, their arteries get ruptured and blood may leak out leading to blood loss in the brain and may eventually cause stroke.

Hemorrhages in the brain can also be blamed for having stroke. Due to high blood pressure, small arteries in the brain may rupture because of the pressure leading to hemorrhages. This again affects the primary functions of brain cells which have important tasks in the body.

There are as well risk factors that may cause stroke, which is mainly divided as controllable and non-controllable factors. Controllable factors are usually related to the person’s well-being. One example could be whether or not the person smokes. Smoking can increase the risk of having stroke since it damages the lungs where blood gets its source of oxygen. The consumption of oily foods may also affect the risks of having stroke. Taking in a lot of oily foods may build up high cholesterol levels which mainly influences the performance of the blood vessels. Non-controllable factors, such as a person’s age, hereditary traits and gender, may also increase the risk of stroke. If a lot of your relatives died from stroke and/or has been diagnosed with heart diseases, then most probably that you might inherit it too through genes.

According to a number of studies, migraine may also have a somewhat greater risk of stroke. The reasons are still unknown since stroke is commonly caused by a number of different factors functioning in unison. Thus, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as you experience any of these symptoms. Then again, stroke is sometimes unnoticeable to many. You may even disregard pains that last shortly, but really, there are times when small problems may turn to sudden disasters.

Recommended: Special Report On Heart Disease And How To Cure It

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