What Causes Phobias

What causes phobias is a question that many parents would like to know because their child may be suffering from a phobia. There are many reasons for phobias to occur in an individual. Some of the main causes of the phobias that can occur in a person include a few cultural factors, genetic factors and even the environmental factor. The upbringing of a person may also play a role in the cause of phobias.

Though scientists are trying to find a correct and specific answer to the question as to what causes phobias, they are yet to find a single most important reason. This is because various people have various causes for the phobias. The reason for the phobia is very important to be identified because only when the cause of the phobia is identified can health professionals and clinicians be able to treat the condition accordingly.

The most common cause of phobias in people is the various events in the young age of the individual. Many young kids have certain influences or events that take place in their life and this usually causes the individuals to have the phobias. The phobias vary depending on the type of fear they had when they were young.

The upbringing may also have an effect on the phobia of an individual. This is because a person may have had parents who had a fear of animals and as the child grew, the parents would have told fearful stories about the animals and the child also grows with a fear of the various animals. These stories would have caused a fear in the child that would have increased as the child grew and would have become a phobia. This is one of the important methods in which phobias occur.

The environment in which the child grows also plays an important role in the occurrence of phobias. There are many children who grow in situations that are very calm and there could be a sudden event that causes great trauma to the child. This causes a phobia in the child about any related event. This is one of the most important but not so common causes of phobias.

There are also various other causes of phobia, but they are not as common as the ones already listed. Phobias are psychological in nature and may vary from one person to another based on the level of confidence of the person who has been affected.

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