What Causes Lung Nodules

Lung nodules are masses of tissue located at the lungs. They are always been mistaken as cancer. Although lung nodules are not cancerous, it can also serve as an early sign of cancer. There are several illnesses like pneumonia, lung infections and pulmonary abscess.

A non-cancerous lung nodule does not change in shape, size or appearance and it is curable. The doctor will monitor the nodule using a periodic imaging test for changes. When it does not change, the lung nodule is usually non cancerous.

The causes of lung nodules are:

i) Fungal infections : when a fungal material is being inhaled it will trigger a direct infection of pulmonary tissue, an immunological reaction and by that, the fungal infection will cause lung cavities. It will then form tissues in the lungs itself.

ii) Tuberculosis : It is a bacterial infection illness which is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A type of bacteria that attack the lungs and you are more likely to catch the bacteria if your immune system is weak. It is usually transferred when a person the tuberculosis cough and you happen to inhaled the air.

iii) Histoplasmosis: Caused by a fungus that produces spores, known scientifically as Histoplasma capsulatum, when the spores is inhaled, the spores will live in the lungs for a period of time, due the availability of high amount of oxygen and nutrients from the blood. The fungus is mostly found in bird droppings. Pigeon dropping is known to be a high contained of this fungus.

iv) Hydatid cyst: A parasite infestation, which is caused by a tape worm larvae called echinococcal cysts. Although this cysts tend to infest animal, it can happen to human as well due to the same role played as a host in the cysts life cycle. Humans become infected when a tapeworm eggs are passed from the animal. This is a frequent incident to an individuals that handle or contact their infected pet such as dogs and cats.

v) Wegener’s granulomatosis: This situation here is an uncommon type of inflammation of small arteries and veins. When inflammation occurs in lungs area it causes blockage in the arteries. Although it is an uncommon case with the children, this situation affects people at any age. Despite the advancement of medicinal technology the cause of the Wegener’s granulomatosis remains unknown.

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