What Causes High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a sate wherein tight arteries increase the resistance to blood flow, therefore also causing an increase in pressure against the walls of the blood vessels. Causes vary from every individual. It might be caused by daily habits or it might have been passed down to you by your parents. So what are the most common reasons for having high blood pressure?

In some people, high blood pressure might be caused by a disease or other medical conditions which is often called as a secondary hypertension. Some of these are the following:
i) If you’re pregnant.
ii) If you have kidney problems.
iii) If there have tumors inside your body.
iv) If you have thyroid dysfunctions.
v) If you’re diabetic.

But most cases of high blood pressure are unknown. This is mainly called primary hypertension. However, there are certain aspects that are known to be contributing to high blood pressure. These are usually divided into two categories, mainly controllable and non-controllable factors. Controllable factors are usually related to the person’s well-being. One example is whether or not the person smokes. Smoking can increase the risk of having stroke since it damages the lungs where blood gets its source of oxygen. The consumption of oily foods may also affect the risks of having stroke. Taking in a lot of oily foods may build up high cholesterol levels which mainly affects the performance of the blood vessels most probably blocking the flow of blood. Artificial contraceptives can as well increase the risk to develop hypertension to women who use those. Obese people are most likely to develop high blood pressure two to six times more than people whose weight is just right. Non-controllable factors, such as a person’s age, hereditary traits and gender, may also increase the risk of stroke. If a lot of your relatives died from stroke and/or has been diagnosed with heart diseases, then most probably that you might inherit it too through genes. Race could also be a contributing factor. I heard that African Americans have higher risks to have high blood pressure more often than whites.
It is therefore recommended that every individual should observe proper diet and routine. Having a sedentary lifestyle might lead your life to ruins. Exercising daily and avoiding fast/salty/processed foods my help you stabilize your way of life. We should always try to limit ourselves from taking in bad stuffs to our body and learn to try and change it to good and healthy stuffs.

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