What Causes Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem that can be very disabling. A person who is not able to hear what is being said to them can have various problems associated with it. One of the things that can occur is the social isolation that is usually because of the self isolation. The person becomes lonely because of the inabilty to communicate to others because of the hearing loss. There are various causes that can make a person to reach this isolated condition and every person should know what causes hearing loss, for the person to be able to identify it early if it occurs. This will help to prevent it from worsening so that the individual will be able to become better.

The most common reason for it to occur in a young age is the congenital defect in the ear. This occurs in some kids at the time of birth, and this causes complete or partial hearing loss at a young age. When a person gets older, the hearing loss can be due to diseases. Children who are older may become hard of hearing if they are affected by diseases like measles.

As the person gets older, there can be many reasons for hearing loss to occur. The reasons that can cause it are any loud noise or explosion that occurs. This can make the person to have hearing loss. Excessive wax in the ear can also make a person to have hearing loss. This condition is reversible because when the wax is removed, the individual will be able to hear again.

Certain tumors in certain parts of the ear can also cause hearing loss. This kind of hearing loss is usually reversible, especially if the tumor is removed at an early stage of the disease. Loss of hearing can also occur if the indiviudal has got some ear infection. Infection is usually associated with pus and this pus can cause hearing loss in the indiviudal.

Nerve damage of the nerve that supplies the ear can also cause the person to have hearing loss. Other than this, the indiviudal who has attained a head injury can also have a chance of getting hearing loss. These are some of the major causes of hearing loss in various individuals. Other than these causes, the other reasons for hearing loss can also include factors like foreign bodies in the ears and also any growth in the ear.

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