What Causes Global Warming

Global warming is a very great problem that is seen in the world of today. This is because the global warming has caused a lot of climate change that is being felt around the world. The climate change has occurred due to years of people and countries neglecting the various signs of global warming. The global warming has the potential to kill millions of people because of the variations in climate. So what causes global warming should be known by all people as this can make people to save the world from being damaged.

There are various causes of global warming and some causes of these are manmade, there are other causes where the global warming are natural. The man made causes of the global warming is more than the natural causes. The man made causes are also very important as they should be prevented or reduced as much as possible to reduce the risk of global warming and the consequences that include climate change.

The first important and the primary cause of global warming that is manmade is the rapid industrialization that is occurring with release of gases and fumes that can cause damage to the world’s climate. The increased temperature that is caused by the fumes and gases cause the temperature of the world to increase by at least one degree. Even the single degree change in the temperature has a chance to drastically change the climate of the world. The increased temperature can cause the melting of the ice caps of the world that can lead to flooding of the low lying areas of the world.

The next important cause of global warming is the increased use of vehicles by people. The increased use of vehicles can increase the gas emissions that can also cause an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere. The increased industries and the vehicles cause the emission of gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that cause the temperature to increase and cause global warming.

Deforestation is another important cause of global warming. Vast tracts of forest land are being destroyed to build industries or to use the log. The log is used for firewood or even to make paper. The decrease in the forest land has also played a major role in increasing the temperature of the land.

The emission of other green house gases like methane and nitrous oxide are the other causes for the increase in the temperature and the global warming.

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