What Causes Fast Pulse

Fast pulse, also known as rapid heart beat is the situation where your heart is beating abnormally faster than usual. A normal human’s heart have a heart beat rate ranging from 60 to 100 beats per minute when in idle meaning when they are resting not doing any heavy activities. When a heart beats at a rate that is faster than 100 beats per minute in an adult is a condition called fast pulse. The sickness of is known as tachycardia in medicinal term.

The heart rate increases causing fast pulse due to various situations, such as:

i) Exercise – When a person does a simple exercise like running, swimming or even jumping. The heart will pump faster in order to circulate the blood through to body at a higher rate. As the blood carries oxygen that is necessary
for the brain.

ii) After eating a large meal – So, you just have a scrumptious meal, the quarter pounder cheese burger that makes you so full that you can’t even move but although you sitting and being idle, your heart beat at a fast pace. This is because the muscle in the stomach needs more oxygen that is carried by the blood to run the digestion system. Resulting your heart to beat at a faster rate making your pulse go faster.

iii) Anxiety – All of us feel anxious before, the way our heart pounds when we are talking to a girl/guy we like, the tense that we feel when we did something wrong and being nervous when we are making a speech. However anxiety disorder is not just an emotion. It causes you to have a fast pulse and unable to think properly. People with anxiety attack usually have their heart beat rates to increase up to 160 beats per minute.

iv) Asthma – When a person got an asthma attack, their lungs become inflamed and blocked making them unable to have a flow of air into the lungs. The airways around lungs area will be clotted with a lot more mucus than usual causing them to get very little oxygen. Again, the heart will pump more blood that contains oxygen to help out with the situation. When the heart pumps faster, higher rate of heart beats will cause the pulse to be faster as well.

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