What Causes Cancer – What Are The Causes Of Cancer

Ask a doctor. There are close to 200 different types of cancer. Cancerous cells can start in any type of body tissue. What affects one body tissue may not affect another. For example, tobacco smoke that you breathe in may help to cause lung cancer. Overexposing your skin to the sun could cause a melanoma on your leg. But the sun won’t give you lung cancer and smoking won’t give you melanoma. In other words, there is no single cause for any one type of cancer.

There are however some factors that may increase the risks of someone getting cancer, they are:
i) carcinogen – such as tobacco smoke and abestos are some things that may cause cancer. Prolong exposure may result in development of cancer.
ii) age – as we age, the risk of developing cancer is higher.
iii) genetic – it could be an individual’s genes that make him more vulnerable to cancerous cells.
iv) bacterial infection – it is not proven all bacterial infection can cause cancer, buy stomach ulcers which are caused by infection, can lead to cancer.
v) immune system – a weak immune system is more skeptical to cancer development.
vi) environment – being exposured to certain atmosphere can lead to cancer too.
vii) viruses – example will be cervical cancer caused by HPV.

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